Gumball Cake & Soda Cookies for a Christening

Mia celebrated her Christening last weekend in the beautiful rooms at Le Montage.

Her mum had arranged for mini gumball machines to be given out as bomboniere and when she saw the Gumball cake and soda cookies that I made for Leanne from Sweet Style, she coordinated the whole event.

This cake is much larger than the other gumball cake that I made and as well as the actual gumball machine, there was also a kitchen cutting cake so that everyone got a good slice of this "Blissfully Sweet" cake!

The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

There were also soda bottle cookies made on sticks to give out to the kids. In my rush last weekend, I forgot to get pictures, but I am sure they would've been very well received by the kids!

Just like one of those old school gumball machines!

Congratulations on your Christening Day Mia and May God always Bless You.


Anonymous said...

what did you use for the "glass" bowl part of the machine?

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