A Kiwi Bird "All Blacks" 40th Birthday Cake

Loreta came to me with 2 cake requests, one a Christening cake for her daughter (this weekend) and another was a surprise 4th birthday cake for her hubby (last weekend).

Loreta wanted a kiwi bird and preferably wearing an All Blacks jersey to mark his Kiwi heritage.

I wanted the bird to be standing up in the usual posture of the bird, so Mr Kiwi is actually styro underneath and than completely decorated in fondant. I loved his fluffy bum!

Originally we had thought to put the football under the kiwi's arm or wing and then, after google searching, came to the realisation that kiwi's have neither! You learn something new everyday!

The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache to appease this chocoholic family!

The All Blacks football

The scarf and the birthday boys surname and favourite #7 was on the back of the jersey!

Gotta love the kiwi!

Happy 40th Birthday Dylan!

I have since been informed by Loreta that her hubby was completely blown away by the cake and it was the talk of his party. Which came as no surprise when Loreta kept doing the happy dance when she picked the cake up!


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