Rainbow Layered Balloon Birthday Cake

This rainbow cake was ordered for a special balloon themed birthday party.

As I have mentioned before, in my overly perfect and precise world, I find beauty in all things rustic and imperfect!

This cake fit the bill perfectly and I fell a little in love. Enough that I have decided to do a similar one for my son Ben's upcoming birthday. However, being who I am, I will have a more "perfect" cake done also.

The cake inside is a 6 layered rainbow vanilla cake with red, purple, orange, yellow, green and blue layers. It is layered and covered in a decadent vanilla buttercream. YUMMO!

Then to match the party theme, balloons are floating up the side of the cake. Simple but yet sooo effective!

I only wish that I could've cut it open to show you the inside - soooo my deep thanks go to Janine for sending me a photo of the cut cake!

True beauty lies in the simple things!

Up, up and away

And here is a photo of the inside of the cake! Thank God they managed to get this photo in time!

Happy 6th Birthday Charlissa!


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