Kite Party Birthday Cake, Cookies & Treats

I once again had the pleasure to work with Leanne of Sweet Style in creating one of her masterpiece dessert buffets. The occasion, her youngest daughter's Indiana's birthday!

Knowing that the cake scene would be gorgeous, I had to make sure my "props" were also!

I have known the theme of the party for a while, but inspiration came from the gorgeous invitations that Leanne had made up. I then suggested the idea of the basket and flying high kites.

I also made the kite and bow cookies to coordinate with the theme and the colour scheme. Leanne also asked me to make some gorgeous little mini cheesecakes to go on the table as treats for the adults and one word - YUM!

I knew that Leanne would find it hard to cut through the basket if it were the cake - so I decided to make the cake part of the picnic scene and the basket, and presents on top are carved and covered styro.

The cake is a white chocolate and raspberry mudcake with white chocolate ganache.

I love the muted colour scheme of the cake - it looks so fresh! And even though it is July, it felt a little like spring!

Some of the details (love the details!) ...... the bon bon next to the tree. (L) The bon bon was on the invitation and the tree I added in at the last minute to give some height and colour and also as I knew Leanne had planned for a tree of sorts on the table. (M) The basket and tablecloth detail, and (R) the presents.

INDI was handpainted on and matched the font on the invitations.


The following are location shots and images are courtesy of Sweet Style and used with permission.

Leanne is the master of understated elegance. The rule of thumb I believe is less is more!

It looked like it belonged there the whole time!

Mini cheesecakes lined up

The mini cheescakes and kite and bow cookies

and the gorgeous Indi!

and if that is not good enough - I was pleased and proud to see that Leanne's table with my cake and treats was featured once again on Amy Atlas.

No better or higher praise than that!

Happy Birthday Indi!


Sweet Style said...

You are the cake master lovely Jacki - thank you so much once again for your gorgeous creation - what a team we make!! Look forward to the next one. Leanne xx

Jane said...

How wonderful to achieve the sort of recognition you clearly deserve. Your work is lovely, all the best, Jane:)

Peggy Does Cake. said...

Gorgeous cake, gorgeous dessert table!!!

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