A Princess Birthday Cake with all the Ruffles & Swirls

I felt very touched by the next cake, as Linda had originally requested a cake for a previous weekend which I was booked out for and she CHANGED her party date to fit in with me (expectations .... raised slightly!)

So when it came time to make the cake, she had loved the cake I had made for my niece's Christening with the swirls and a rocking horse on top.  However, she wanted more of a princess theme to it and her colours were going to be red, white and pink.  The rest was left to me!

I decided to graduate the colour up the cake and as I was going along decided to add some ruffles going down the side.   The tiara was always going to be there, but I made it  more "queenly" with the touches of gold.   I created a red ruffled bloom to sit on the side of the cake and to just give the cake that little hint of red.

I fell a little, ok well a lot, in love with this cake!   A little hard to say goodbye, but seeing what a beautiful family it went to - cie la vie!

The ruffles and swirls.

the ruffled bloom and the jewelled crown.

I also made these princess themed cake pops to match.

as well as these tiara bedecked cupcakes.

Happy 1st Birthday to Princess Christine!


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