30th Birthday Cake for a Boy who loves his Toys!

A lovely, generous and thoughtful friend wanted to organise a birthday cake for her best mate and wanted to make it special!
The birthday boy, Matt, loves his boys toys and the cake was made to show his diverse interests .... snowboarding, mountain bike riding and surfing!
The cakes are the mountains and are chocolate mud cake, filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache.

Snowboarder Matt on top of his snow capped mountain!

He has his snowboarding moves

Mountain bike riding Matt! Matt also loves Monster energy drinks and one is usually strapped to his bike. An esky at the top of this hill depicted this usual scene for mountain bike Matt!

Surfer Matt.
Matt has some impressive abs and loves to travel the world to surf the big waves!
The wave is carved from styrofoam (for stability) and is covered with royal icing.
All 3 Matts

Happy 30th Birthday Matt!


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