My New Love ..... My Camera!

I have a few cake pictures to post ... but will do tomorrow, but before I hit the sack early for a change, I wanted to share the following ......
I have a new love, or really an old love, a first love, a love that has never gone away, just never really met the right one ..... well I have now met him and he is Caleb ... Caleb the Canon!
Or to be exact Caleb the Canon DSLR 550D.
I have always loved photos and always tried to take as many and as many different ones that I could. Now I can and I can get good shots because I now have the hardware!
So I decided to play with the camera and see what I could get.
It is love .... true love!
Just a little promo shot!

Loved these images of our Buddha by the pool and our front door.
Playing with depth of field.
I love jugs (or I should say urns!!!) of any description and tend to collect them.
So a few of my favourites on display!

A few photos taken in Noah's room.
I loved this beautiful sterling silver rattle my sister bought for Noah. It makes the most delightful tinkling noise!
Now down to my favourite subjects .......
The many faces of my gorgeous boy Liam.

He makes me laugh and my heart sing - my boy Ben!
I love this over exposure!

and Noah. I love how his smile is in his eyes!

and 3 of my most favourite shots. Captures each one of them to a T.
My boys are my life ... lucky me!
Thanks Caleb.


Sweet Style said...

Beautiful Jacki - well done they are fantastic for first time using the new camera - go Caleb!! Leanne x

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thanks Leanne. I am having sooo much fun with it! I have a number of beautiful cakes this weekend to photograph!

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