Smurfs Birthday Cake

Growing up, apart from the Flintstones and the Jetsons, Smurfs were my favourite cartoons. I loved all the little blue people in their blue Smurf villages.

So, when Benji's mum asked me to make a Smurf cake, I was over the moon. Little did I know that a movie is just about to be released and what is old is new again! Benji has always loved the Smurfs and has quite the collection.

So after being given a few of his favourite to work from, the following Smurf house and characters took shape.

One of my FAVOURITE cakes - I think the colour, the design, the characters - everything. Alot of fun to make and to also see Benji's expression!

The cake is lemon poppyseed cake with white chocolate ganache.

All decorations and completely handmade and edible. The only inedible part is the chimney, which is covered styrofoam.

The house with its characters!

Smurfette, looking over the balcony.

Papa Smurf with an ever watchful eye!

Unsure the name of this Smurf - however I like to think of him as Baker Smurf :P (yes there was one!)

Unsure of this one's name, however Benji had a little smurf holding a bunch of flowers. So I decided to have him sitting on the front step as if he is pining for Smurfette!

Happy 6th Birthday Smurf Benji!


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. I loved the smurfs a a kid too and still do.

Sara Laya- FINE Pastry - CAKE Design ♥ said...

congrats:) you´re my inspiration. good work and keep going! love from Portugal xxx

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