Las Vegas Themed 30th Birthday Cake

One of my favourite clients came to me to order a cake for her nephew's 30th birthday as a gift to him (what a gorgeous aunt!).

Frank's party was Vegas themed and casino tables and croupiers were all in abundance. Sounds like fun!

Frank's invitation was based on the Vegas welcome sign - so we needed to incorporate that. I also wanted to incorporate some of the other typical Vegas things.

All the elements are cake and the decorations are handmade and edible except for the actual welcome sign. I had initially made it from fondant, however it was quite heavy and I knew I could not take the chance of it falling in transit or even worse at the party - so a last minute decision was made to make it a non-edible portion! I actually loved how the sign actually looked neon!

The cake is a chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.

The shiny woodgrain roulette wheel with the other accoutrements of Vegas!

See "NEON" sign!

Of course it needed to stop on 30!

Happy 30th Birthday Frank!


Terri said...

You really are way too clever my friend - thanks for another great cake!! It was a hit !!xx

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney said...

Beautiful! I wish I could do it!

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