Guitar & Sheet Music 50th Birthday Cake

Georgie came to me to request a cake for her husband Terry's 50th birthday.   The cake was to be a surprise for him and she initially just wanted something simple and maybe even with just a scanned image on top!   Well .... take 2!   Scrapped that idea straight away and we went for something a little more polished and fun!

Terry loves his music, has sung, plays guitar, loves Lloyd Cole and comes from a family of musicians.   No guesses how this cake was going to turn out!   I proposed for the "cake" to be a stack of sheet music (it needed to feed over 70 people).   I decided to make the stack more realistic and have it not straight, but wonky and lopsided as most stacks are.  In hindsight, probably would've been easier to make it straight!   Very hard to make something look wonky and still make it look perfectly wonky!  I love the lopsided pile though!

The next thing was the guitar.   I wanted to incorporate the guitar and thought it would look good to have one resting against the stack.   Being November and mainly humid, I thought it better to not let fate take its chance on fondant, I decided to carve the acoustic guitar from styro and then cover it.   That way they can even keep it!   I used a scale model of an acoustic guitar, so this would be an itty bitty replica!   The guitar has been painted with a woodgrain finish and then given a lacquer look.   Thank God for watching Planet Cake on Wednesday night, as Margie Carter gave me the great idea of using dental floss for guitar strings!

I searched Google to no avail for sheet music of Lloyd Cole.   So I decided to make the sheet music the birthday message as well.   The music is "Happy Birthday to You" in proper musical terms and all the music is handpainted on.   I then incorporated Terry's photo as a frame on the side.   Finally, the cake board is covered in some sheet music I found online and copied in negative.   I loved the whole effect.

I am sure that the swanky little affair this cake has headed off to is in full swing at the moment and I am sure that Terry may even sing a number or two!

The cake is triple stacked 8" chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.   It probably measures about 22cms high!

and the personalised "Happy Birthday to You" music that was handpainted on.

and finally the handmade guitar!

Happy 50th Birthday Terry!


Maria Consilia (Capri Moments) said...

I did not know your blog....but from now on I will pass every day... you are amazing.... greetings from Italy ....

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