A Nutty Chocolate Upside Down Pav Martini

WOW - try saying that 3 times fast!

More entertaining over the weekend and decided to vamp up my Nutty Chocolate Pavlova (see recipe here).   I love to individually serve food ... unsure why, maybe I am just secretly selfish with my food (well that is no secret), but I think more so because I think it always looks prettier!  It is ALL about the aesthetics!

So I wanted to use my martini glasses for other than their other delicious reason.  So I thought turn it upside down!  I am a crazy kind of gal!

Very easy to do - a circled the size of the top of the martini glass on baking paper and turned upside down on my sheet pan. I then piped my pav mixture around inside the circle. Bake as desired and all done.

I used strawberries instead this time because they were so divine! I sliced these in the bottom of the glass and topped with chantilly cream and then the pav sat on top. They looked fab, but they ate even better!




Jo Andrade said...

boa tarde, adorei seu blog, mas nao consegui receita do suspiro ou macarons na taca.

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