A Barbie Buttercream Birthday Cake

Nadine from Plus Maternity ordered this swirly buttercream Barbie cake for her daughter Sahara's 4th birthday last week.    I love the beauty and simplicity of this cake .... less is most time, always so more!

Her very full couture buttercream layered skirt is a luscious red velvet cake layered, coated and swirled in pink tinted vanilla buttercream.

On a side note, click on over to Nadine's online store, Plus Maternity for the best in plus sized maternity fashion!!!

Buttercream rosettes

Happy 4th Birthday Sahara!


Amber said...

looks like you copied i. am. bakers rose cake technique. you might want to give proper credit, as I am sure if someone copied you would want them to credit you.

Anonymous said...

The rose design on his cake is an adaptation of the simple 'rosette' that people are taught in some cake decorating courses, so it's easy for anyone to create with that particular tip! Rather than a design that had only been created by I. am. Baker

Unknown said...

I agree with anonymous! Anyone can do this pipping technique, it does not belong to anyone! Wilton and many other videos/blogs have tutorials on this swirl. Anyway I love this cake great work! :)

teamprescott said...

Love these sentimental cakes! I'm sure every version of this cake has been around since before ANY of us could've even been born. I loved getting them from my Grandma & now I love giving them to my daughter's. Nice work

Patsy said...

Where can you get the doll part of the cake or is it a real Barbie?

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