A Grasshopper, Coffee & Hearts Engagement Cake

My lovely client Kylie organised this cake for her brother's engagement. Kylie left the design to me, but wanted to incorporate grasshoppers, coffee and hearts into the cake - everything had a meaning! The grasshoppers and coffee signify their new business, The Hungry Grasshoppers cafe in Haberfield (coming soon) and obviously hearts due to the engagement. 

I decided on quirky, funky and a little bit whimsical! The colour scheme I decided on were tones of coffee hues as well as a touch of deep red.The cake is heart shaped and is decorated very simple with a lustre finish and a mosaic of hearts up the sides of the cake in the colour scheme. The coffee cup is fondant covered styrofoam (as I knew they would like to keep it) and the grasshoppers, coffee beans, spoon and saucer are all handmade from fondant. I wanted to keep the grasshoppers fun. So I had them sitting on the edge of the cup with arms around each other, as if they were sipping from the coffee of love. 

The coffee froth also has a love heart motif also! At the last moment, I decided to hand paint the couples names on the coffee cup.

The cake is chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache and there was also a separate cutting cake which was white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

Congratulations Bren & Dani!


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