Buns in the Oven Birthday Cake

My little sister is currently pregnant and you guessed it ........ with twins!
Last year for her birthday, her cake was her luxuriating in a bath tub with glorious boobs on display .... what a difference a year makes!
I thought I would make a cake that depicts the year to come - bottle sterilising, trying to get cooking done, constantly with slippers on .... blah, blah, blah.
The beauty is she will have 2 beautiful babies to snuggle up to!
So this little cake is for my beautiful little sis - the best mum-to-be to be!

Everything is completely edible except for the oven back board and the oven door. For stability purposes, they are fondant covered cake boards.

Looking down over the chaos!

The dog bowls for her current 2 "babies", slippers and even the oven clock pronounces it all ... it is 2.22!!

The buns and the oven mitt

The sterilising bottles in the pot. The boiling water is piping gel.

The spilt flour the cracked "double-yoker" egg and the recipe book.

Happy Birthday Tina!!
Cannot wait to finally meet my nieces and/or nephews - our ones will only be a few months apart - fun times to come!


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