Mad Science Birthday Cake

One of the most anticipated time of year - my son Liam's birthday!
He thinks of new and wonderful ideas for his birthday months in advance and then starts thinking about his invitations and then his cake ...... the apple really fell far from that tree didn't it??? ...... NOT!!
This year was no exception, we had the full on sit down cake discussion and sketch time - he had very specific ideas and wanted to make sure that I had understood perfectly!!
This is the fruit of both our imaginations ........ his enthusiasm, my cake abilities and the best part - the biggest smile of all this morning!!
I usually have the festivities at home, but seeing that a big pool hole is about to be dug, we toook all the budding scientists to the CSIRO Education Office and they learnt the fun of science. If you want a birthday party that is fun and filled with lots of learning - go there!! You are everyone will have the best time!
The rocket, moon, Einstein and the round Einstein is on are shaped and carved styrofoam covered in fondant.
Everything else is completely edible.

Liam's invitations were sent out to everyone in test tubes! The invitations had mad scientists on them and some of them had Einstein with his tongue poking out!

Everything had a meaning on the cake - the rocket was for the experiment they were going to be learning, the test tubes and beakers were for the invitations and the science nature of it and Einstein ..... well he really is the king of Science .... well now Liam is!

The matching cupcakes .......... test tubes with spilt goo and 7s on top of cratered moon surfaces!

Set up at CSIRO with the cupcakes and the goo jelly!

Mad Scientist Liam with his cake, his scientist goggles and his science shirt.
I love to make him smile like that!

The birthday boy and all the little scientists - what fun they all had!
Looking forward to the 2011 production!
I love you Liam .... thanks for your inspiration everyday and in everyway!


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