Disco Girl Birthday Cake

Amelia is one lucky 11 year old!   Not only did she have an oh-so-fabulous disco birthday party last weekend, but her beautiful birthday dress was bought especially for the occasion from Paris .... yes Paris in France!   I gotta be 11 years old again!

Nothing tizzy and fussy for Amelia.   I kept the lines simple and the design an elegant interpretation of disco!   The hot pink glittered balls gave the cake that disco feel and the little Amelia on top was wearing a dress similar to her Paris frock!

Anyone who was in Sydney last weekend, knows of the crap weather we had and the humidity was horrid and the lighting was equally so.   This explains the poor photos! :(

The cake is chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache.   All decorations are handmade and completely edible.

Happy 11th Birthday Amelia!


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