Olivia & Elan's 1st Monkey Birthday Cake & Dessert Table

I cannot believe that the time has flown by so quickly and it was a year ago that I met the two most delicious little girls in the world .... Olivia & Elan!  I am lucky enough to share my birthday with them, so the time had come to have a party!

Tina decided on a monkey themed party for the girls because they are her cheeky little monkeys.   She had some super cute invitations made up from Vistaprint and from there I imagined what I could create for them.

This is the first time that I would have to set up a dessert table off site and it was a little unnerving.   Tina used her bar area for the display and it was an L-shaped area and worked really well I thought.

As usual, everything turned crazy before the event and without countless other orders on, I needed to get my act together and do something.   I knew I wanted to do something with the hessian I used for Noah's party and keep the colour theme to the neutral, pinks and yellow (for bananas)!   That was where the thinking stalled and for a long time! ....... I think I started getting my act together last Thursday (3 days before).   I then decided what treats to make and also what cake.

I wanted to make this a special day for them to remember as well as for Tina and Peter to look back on in photos.

Come into the jungle and see for yourself!

The table put together.

Olivia - makes me melt!

Elan - makes me smile!

Cousins to enjoy the day with - Ben, Noah & Liam!

I went to Tina's house the day before to drop off and try things out because I still had no idea.   However, when I got there it all fell into place and this is what I achieve ..... my own cake and treats shop window.  It felt like being in your own cake shop.   The lanterns were a last minute addition because I did not know how the hanging situation would be.   I knew I definitely wanted to use the hessian, the crates and the spice rack.  I did not want any white, I wanted it look very whimsical!  I think it was achieved!

The cake.   I wanted to again keep the cake whimsical and not overly fussy .... but still fun!   I decided to make some changes to my previous monkey cake design (click here) and girly it up and add some other fun elements.   Olivia & Elan Monkey sat on top, but their cheeky friends were "hanging" about the cake.  One was doing a handstand off the bottom tier, one hung off the side and the other sat with a pile of bananas.
The bottom tier is white chocolate raspberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache.  The top tier is chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate ganache.   All other elements are completely handmade and edible.
The beautiful pink milk glass cake stand is from Sweet Style.

Bananas were the theme of the cookies,   The cookies are vanilla bean sugar cookies and topped with a fondant banana.  I displayed the cookies on a bed of strawberry jelly beans (available at Sweet Style).

 The cupcakes are vanilla cupcakes and have alternate pink and yellow themed monkey face toppers.   These monkey faces matched some cute little onesies that Tina had made up for the girls.
The gorgeous pink hobnail glass cake stands are from Sweet Style.

One of my favourite items.   I reused my rejuvenated spice rack from Noah's party and used to display all the elements of the table.   It actually reminded me of a little shop window.

Four layered jelly cups in shades of pink and yellow were a hit and very effective too!   These were displayed on my old wooden chopping boards.

Pannacotta shots!   Everyone loves these and it is ALWAYS requested.   At the last minute when I went to make them, I decided to make them two toned to match the theme.   The pink and yellow looked gorgeous together and these shots were slurped down so fast with lots of "mmmmms" to be heard!

My other favourite part.   This was not in the plan.  I set the table up the day before and thought it needed something.   I remembered the little tea sets that I had given the girls at Easter and decided to use this as a table prop - LOVE!   The little pink and yellow chocolate cups were a last minute find at Coles!  Colour themed and nothing to do - MORE LOVE!
The pink hobnail compote bowl is from Sweet Style.   I filled these with bananas - look complete!

Pink baking cups filled with strawberry jelly beans and wooden cones filled with little lollies.   Simple additions that some colour.
Baking cups, jelly beans and wooden cones from Sweet Style.

and the Candy station.   Glass jars filled with twisty marshmallows, sour straps, meringues and choc coated bananas.
The jars with the sour straps and bananas are from Sweet Style and the other two are from my own personal collection.

and the gorgeous family in their own cake shop.

and lastly, Tina and I with the girls.   I had so much fun creating this for Olivia & Elan and it was a fantastic day filled with family and friends and lots of treats to spoil the girls!

I am pleased and honoured to say that Olivia & Elan's monkey party has been featured on the Amy Atlas Blog today.  Click here to see.  Thanks Lisa and Amy for the feature!  WOW!

Table styling, cakes and sweet treats by Blissfully Sweet.
Photography by Blissfully Sweet
Cake stands, baking cups and wooden cones from Sweet Style.


Jessica said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

alyssa said...

I'm so in love with the pictures that been used here. I love the themes, colors, the cake and everything. Thanks for giving me an idea as I searching for the 1st birthday theme for my baby. :)

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